What Is Dance Days of Buffalo?

Dance Days of Buffalo is a three day festival, all about dance!

Classes from local and guest teachers are offered starting at 8:00am and continue in 60-90 minute time slots until 6:00pm.

Each evening caps off with a performance or event that is open to the general public.

Participants can come for one day, all three, or just an evening performance!

Choose your classes as you go, using your unlimited day pass to drop into the classes you want to take and skipping the ones you don't!  You create your own schedule all weekend!

Additionally, there are vendors to shop at between classes and lunch provided each day.

Visit the schedule page to see what we have planned for the weekend and the tickets page to purchase your tickets!


Mission statement

The mission of Dance Days of Buffalo is to support the appreciation, performance and knowledge of dance and movement practices in the Buffalo area.   The event will serve to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form, connecting artists from across genres.   Both the experienced dancer and general public alike will be welcomed to enjoy classes, networking events and performances by artists throughout the region.   The event will be dedicated to the inclusion of all members of the dance community and is committed to honoring the diverse population, united by a passion for dance. Dance Days of Buffalo will empower and support the growth of both the individual and the Buffalo arts community as a whole.